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RESCOLL offers the full range of tests on honeycomb panels for the aeronautics industry

Rescoll’Blog / 27 novembre 2019

RESCOLL’s mechanical testing laboratory offers a wide range of tests on composite materials and sandwich panels for the aeronautics industry at 2 French sites in Pessac (33) and Rochefort (17) under ISO 17025 accreditation and AIRBUS qualification.

The main tests performed are:

ASTM D1781: Climbing drum peeling

ASTM C393: 3 or 4 points bending

ASTM C365: Core compression

EN 2243-4: Perpendicular tension

ASTM C363: Nodal joint release

We also carry out tensile tests on inserts.

For more information on our activities in the aeronautical field,

– download our brochure: RESCOLL aero 2019

– watch our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgVuQEGDuw0&t=52s

– contact us: commercial@rescoll.fr