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RESCOLL partner of the European project COALINE. In-line coated profiles: optimizing the pultrusion process

Rescoll’Blog / 8 septembre 2017

The pultrusion process is an effective way to process composites, however several drawbacks that reduce the competitiveness of pultruded profiles in comparison to traditional materials still need to be addressed. On the one hand, the process is limited by the time required to polymerize the resin inside the die, which results in a low-speed process. On the other hand, when a coating is needed to improve surface properties, the surface on the profile must be carefully prepared off-line, requiring additional sanding and painting steps that are expensive, highly labour-intensive and polluting.

To read the full article about COALINE published in JEC Magazine: COALINE Project – JEC Magazine 115

For more information about the COALINE project : florent.deliane@rescoll.fr