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RESCOLL presents INDAR Debonding Primer : a solution for circularity of multimaterial assemblies

Rescoll’Blog / 21 avril 2022
INDAR debonding on demand

With such European Directives as those covering end-of-life vehicles, electronics and consumer goods over the last 20 years, regulatory pressure on how goods are disposed of has accelerated the need for recycling, especially of new and widespread dissimilar assemblies and coated materials. Easier maintenance and recovery of parts are also desired to extend product lifespan and to close the loop in manufacturing.

There are only few technologies available on the market nowadays, despite academic and corporate R&D works. With the increasing regulatory pressure and struggle to limit climate change, goods manufacturers are forced to work on the design of their products and foster higher reuse or recycling at the end of life. For bonded assemblies, a very limited mass of material (the adhesive) is a roadblock for easy reuse of most of the assembly mass (the substrates), due to lack of reversibility of the joining technique.

The new debonding primer developed and patented by Rescoll offers a simple and efficient solution to the disassembling of multimaterial assemblies (bonding, coating, overmolding, etc). This technology allows the drastic decrease of the bonding performance upon thermal triggering and dismantling in a very short time, with easy cleaning of substrates after debonding.

The technology is currently in the validation stage for various case studies with industrial partners. These studies, from the coupon level to demonstrator parts in real industrial environment allow challenging the debonding primer in terms of processing requirements, ageing resistance and recycling potential.

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