3 mars 2023

Robin Szymanski and Maxime Olive held the consortium meeting of the European project THERMOMASK at RESCOLL’s facilities

THERMOMASK EUROSTARS project aims to develop an innovative process to plate selectively metallic parts used for aeronautics, automotive and electronics: for these applications, a certain area of a part needs to be chemically treated, while the rest needs to be protected from these chemical treatments. To succeed in this challenge, [...]

7 octobre 2022

RESCOLL participe à la réunion de mi-parcours du projet ALMA

La semaine dernière, le consortium du projet ALMA s’est réuni à Bruxelles afin de faire le point sur les dernières avancées concernant le développement de nouveaux matériaux et procédés pour l’allègement des véhicules électriques. RESCOLL intervient dans ce projet dans l’optimisation des techniques d’assemblage et de désassemblage en [...]

21 avril 2022

RESCOLL presents INDAR Debonding Primer : a solution for circularity of multimaterial assemblies

With such European Directives as those covering end-of-life vehicles, electronics and consumer goods over the last 20 years, regulatory pressure on how goods are disposed of has accelerated the need for recycling, especially of new and widespread dissimilar assemblies and coated materials. Easier maintenance and recovery of parts are [...]

14 janvier 2021

INDAR debonding innovation by RESCOLL to enhance repairability index

Major steps for durability and right to repair have been taken in France. Since January, 1 2021, smartphones, tablets, televisions, and computers sold in France must be labelled with a repairability index. This information has become mandatory for electronic devices, as well as washing machines and electric lawnmowers. A second step [...]

15 juillet 2011

INDAR debonding process: structural debondable adhesive used for ground testing of GAIA segments

Rescoll Technological Center has developed and patented a debonding process, INDAR Inside®, that offers a simple and efficient solution to the disassembling on command of structural bonds. Based on the use of specific additives activated by heating at a certain temperature, this new technology drastically reduces the dismantling time [...]

13 juillet 2011

INDAR (INnovative Disassembling Adhesives Research): a debonding process for structural debondable adhesives

        Structural adhesives are nowadays widely used in numerous industries like automotive, aerospace, avionics or microelectronics … for many reasons such as easy processing or weight and cost savings. A strong effort has been achieved so far to enhance the level of adherence in structural assemblies and in [...]