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Rescoll'Blog / 7 novembre 2011

In the frame of GAIA segments ground testing, a structural debondable adhesive was developed in collaboration between RESCOLL and ASTRIUM. This debonding on command is based on a process invented by RESCOLL and called INDAR INSIDE®. The SiC segments are easily debonded by hand after thermal activation and qualified part are brazed safely afterwards.
Adhesives are nowadays widely used in numerous industries like automotive, aerospace, avionics or microelectronics, etc., for many reasons such as adherence in structural assemblies and in this particular case a new challenge appears: the easy dismantling of structural bonded joints. This innovative concept results from industrial constrains like maintenance or recycling needs.
Rescoll Technological Center has developed and patented a process, called INDAR INSIDE®, which offers a simple and efficient solution to the disassembling of structural bonds. Based on the use of additives activated by heating at a certain temperature, this new technology drastically reduces the dismantling time and fulfil the main characteristics required by this application, no change in processing (implementation, curing conditions, …) and no or slight modification of the mechanical properties of the adhesive.
The primary structure of GAIA is realized by ASTRIUM. This structure is a multi segments silicon carbide (SiC) torus assembled by brazing.
Before brazing, this structure has to be mechanically qualified segments by segments. The proof test is based on the use of an Invar plate bonded to the tested part. After testing, the part has to be debonded from the testing device. The debondable adhesive used for this application exhibits then specific properties like high strength bond (high stresses applied to the part during testing), reliable and easy dismantling, easy cleaning of the part after dismantling.

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