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JEC Magazine: A demountable composite wing box for private planes (by RESCOLL, of course)

Rescoll’Blog / 12 mars 2018

The quest for lower environmental impact throughout an aircraft’s service life along with increasingly stringent passenger safety requirements are leading to extensive research in the design of new airplane models.

The E-Fan project for the first all-electric, all-composite stunt plane was initiated by Aéro Composites Saintonge (located in France’s south-western Charente region) and financed by Poitou Charentes department, Feder, Aquitaine region, Frensh State and Airbus. Under the project, Rescoll and the Institut Pprime physics and engineering research laboratory worked together to design the E-Fan’s wing unit and monitor its test validation. Validated by the French civil aviation authority DGAC, the composite wing, which was inspired by Colomban1, or classic, architecture, demonstrated that it is possible to build an electric private plane – the first step towards the potential future use of the technol­ogy for very large transport aircraft.

The Neofac project

As a follow-up to the E-Fan project, SRC Rescoll (located in Bordeaux and Rochefort) and the Institut Pprime research laboratory (which is affiliated with the National Higher School of Mechanics and Aeroengineering ISAE-ENSMA and the University of Poitiers) decided in 2015 to continue their research on the development of innovative aeronautical structures.

The partnership of stakeholders from the Nouvelle Aquitaine region initiated the 2½-year-long Neofac project, which was 50% financed by the European regional development fund FEDER, out of a global budget of about €500,000.

“The Neofac project consisted of designing, fabricating and testing the full-scale prototype of a demountable composite wing box for a private plane, subject to Section 23 of Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR).”

To download the complete article of the JEC Magazine: JEC 2018 NEOFAC

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