Medical Devices: RESCOLL Manufacturing receives the ANVISA GMP certification

Rescoll’Blog / 15 avril 2020

Today RESCOLL Manufacturing received the notification from ANVISA, the Brazilian health authorities that RESCOLL Manufacturing’s GMP certification is renewed.

This in a record time: 1 month. A 4 days audit, 2 auditors who seriously went in depth of our procedures, recordings and so on… who challenged our team with a high level of technicity and professionalism (the kind of auditors you fear, but the ones you like because they understand your business) who made us see how to do still better with their question.

But, at the end of the date did not gave any non-conformity to our organisation and the way we do things. We are really proud of our team, the effort they do every day, the way they take their job seriously being conscious that human health will depend on. Zero default, not a target, a responsibility.

Thank, to all those women and men for this nice performance.