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OEMs in the aerospace field choose RESCOLL to test materials

Rescoll’Blog / 11 mars 2019

Rather than being self-defined as a labo of excellence, we prefer our customers to say so.
The work of continuous improvement, resourcing, human and material investment, … that we realize since the creation of RESCOLL allows us today to have the recognition and the qualification of the main contractors in the field of aeronautics ( AIRBUS, SAFRAN, DASSAULT, AIRBUS HELICOPTERS, GULFSTREAM, GENERAL ELECTRIC, …) and, therefore, work for all their equipment manufacturers.
These qualifications concern a wide range of analyzes and tests on materials: mechanical, thermomechanical, mechanical, physico-chemical tests, fire behavior, aging, … but also the manufacture and machining of test plates made of composite materials.
A range so unique in France, but also in Europe for an independent lab like RESCOLL.
You can download the scope of our qualification for each company on our website www.rescoll.fr under the heading « Qualifications clients ».
For more information: commercial@rescoll.fr
Or download the brochure of our services for the aeronautical sector: Materials for ASD