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VULCAN : a new CleanSky project for RESCOLL

Rescoll’Blog / 26 mai 2020

After a 2 months lockdown period, Rescoll is pleased to continue its collaboration with the PIMM in the VULCAN project.

The main objective is to replace chemical stripping by laser pulses for selective stripping of multimaterial stacks including painting, metal and composite. In optimizing laser shock impact configurations and parameters, the objective is the stripping of individual or several layers from each other without detrimental damages of structural parts. Impact with one or more laser shock with different parameters.

The VULCAN project consortium has already made a first simulation to classify lasers by type, power, and other characteristics based on their stripping time. The consortium is confident that a laser can achieve the objectives of the specifications set out by the Topic Manager. First attempts of removing paint on a composite coupon were successful and very promising for next steps.

The VULCAN project is a partnership between the PIMM, a public research lab working on laser shock applications since 1990 and RESCOLL, specialized in surface treatment and coating formulation for aeronautics and is funded under the Clean Sky program.