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RESCOLL coordinates the COMPOCHOC project: NDT of the mechanical strength of TA6V4/composite bond using LASAT

Rescoll’Blog / 23 octobre 2017

In the current context of aircraft weight reduction and considering the trend for lowering production and maintenance costs, the aeronautics industry is promoting the use of adhesive bonds to replace mechanical fasteners. However, the main limitation of structural bonding in the aircraft industry is the ability to certify the good quality of a structural bond in a non-invasive way, i.e. to certify that the bond can resist up to a predefined strength value.

Conventional Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques (Ultrasonics, radiography, shearography,…) allow disbonding detection but are inefficient to evaluate the mechanical strength of bonds, i.e. detect weak bonds. A manufactured bonded part is not validated with 100% fiability with NDT technique. So, it is a huge lock for a wide use of bonding in structural bonding where maximal fiability is required. Thus, some industrials choose additional assemblying process to bonding such as bolding, riveting,…

Bonding is a complex process,………….

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